26th September 2014

Pine Cone Dynamite

Clarisse Demory boosts pollination in Villa Lena

While autumn begins in the North Hemisphere, male pine cones are exploding in the southerly latitudes. While in Villa Lena, last spring Clarisse Demory played with the Tuscan gardeners as they threw stones at a pine tree crowded with male cones loaded with pollen. These have nothing to do with the solid female cones one [...] Sigue leyendo

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31st July 2014

Destruction in the City

Jeanette Farrell uncovers a new leaf in the life of one rescued office plant.

Office plant spiderwort (Tradescantia fluminensis) returns to Bishopsgate, the site destroyed by an IRA bombing in 1993

On August 24th, 1993 number 80 Bishopsgate, close to Liverpool Street Station was destroyed by the IRA killing one man and injuring many others. This was the second time that buildings in the city’s financial district had been targeted by terrorists, this second bombing occurred as finishing touches were being made to razed structures felled [...] Sigue leyendo

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20th May 2014

The Plant #06 – The Spider

Join us at Claire de Rouen Books!

Find Issue 6 pink with the candy floss splendour of Japanese cherry blossom, assorted orchids at RHS Kew and the domestic charm of bad mothers everywhere: the spider plant. Photographer Daisuke Hamada captures Sakura, while Coke Bartrina and Enrique Giner de los Rios guide us through the multiple landscapes of Mexico City. French artist Camille [...] Sigue leyendo

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19th March 2014

Adventures in Cholla Garden

Photographer Coke Bartrina visits Joshua Tree National Park and gets spiked by a cactus

This month I went to visit Joshua Tree National Park in California. I’ve never been to the desert before and it fascinated me. There’s a place called Cholla Garden and it’s full of cholla cacti, known for their long cylindrical stems and determined barbed spines that stick to skin and clothing. Some of them fall [...] Sigue leyendo

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11th March 2014

Lost Paradise

A Compilation of Film Celebrates the Garden

Todd Haynes' 'Far from Heaven' presents nature as an untamed counterpoint for an (im)possible relationship between a lady and her gardener

Ignacio Somovilla – garden researcher and contributor to THE PLANT- curates Lost Paradise, a compilation of ten films that explore the garden as an artistic creation. The themes are garden as metaphor; as satire; as cinematic scene; and as a political space or as a space for individual claims. Somovilla asks whether everything may be possible through gardening. [...] Sigue leyendo

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18th February 2014

In Blazing Colour

In dreary February, Carol Montpart recalls a trip in the hot splendour of Thailand's biggest flower market

Thai orchids are used in flower arrangements

In Bangkok, the best place for flowers is Pak Khlong Talat flower market, a riot of aroma and colour. It was one of my favourite visits in the Thai capital, with its endless piles of delicate orchids, rows of roses and stacks of button carnations, all against a very industrial back drop. You can also [...] Sigue leyendo

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10th February 2014

Flowers for Freedom

Every day, Ai Weiwei protests against Chinese authorities with fresh flowers

February 8th, 2014.

Remember that every morning since November 30th 2013, Ai Weiwei has placed a bouquet of fresh flowers in the basket of a bicycle outside No.258 Caochangdi studio, Beijing. He will continue do so until he regains his freedom to travel. You can follow his images on instagram.com/aiww  

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12th December 2013

Wrap your Christmas in Boughs of Spruce

We speak with florist Emma Newton about her seasonal arrangements

Emma Newton hides behind her work at the launch for THE PLANT issue 5 in Artwords Books.

When we celebrated the launch of issue 5 at Artwords bookshop, we called on the perceptive eye of florist Emma Newton to select the right plants for the occasion. In the run up to Christmas, designer Margaret Howell has asked Emma to decorate all her shops in London for the festive season. Here, we drop [...] Sigue leyendo

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16th October 2013

The Plant #05 – Banana

Join us in Artwords Bookshop in London!

Cover by Lina Scheynius

Join THE PLANT to celebrate our fifth edition at Artwords Bookshop, Broadway Market, London on Thursday 17th. For this special event Emma Newton will bring the most beautiful flower arrangements and we will all enjoy a drink to present our latest issue, which travels the world in search of the extraordinary in the ordinary. We [...] Sigue leyendo

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7th August 2013

How to Build a Tree House for a Writer

Jeannette Farrell discovers a nest suspended from the branch of an old oak

The work bench at Hooke Park supports the deconstructed timber frame.

  Dorset is a beautiful part of the world. Last week, while the temperature in London crept slovenly higher, a thick and cool fog floated in from the English Channel and swallowed up an oak forest at Hooke Park by the sea where two architects, Nozomi Nakabayashi and Elizabeth Cunningham, are building a tree house [...] Sigue leyendo

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4th July 2013

Nesting in Boxwood

A midsummer's night at Balmoral with topiary master Charlotte Molesworth

A table overlooks Buxus topiary which forms the skeleton of the garden.

Last weekend we camped in ‘The Garden of England’, or more specifically a patch that is Charlotte Molesworth’s topiary garden in Beneden, Kent. When we say ‘camped’ we mean slept soundly on goose down, under hop-lined rafters, enjoying all mod cons, in a converted barn in Charlotte’s garden. The weather was glorious! We took long [...] Sigue leyendo

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4th June 2013

Chez Boutemy

The Plant calls on the Belgian florist at his new shop in Brussels

Thierry greets us at the shop entrance.

Last May we payed a visit to Thierry Boutemy’s new premises at 375 rue Vanderkindere – B1180 Uccle in Brussels. We were welcomed by a symphony of colour – the small blue flower of forget-me-not, candy coloured sweet pea, members of the buttercup family (clematis, periwinkle), and woodland dwellers foxglove, peony and ruby aquilegia each [...] Sigue leyendo

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29th May 2013

APE#021: The Room

by Jurgen Maelfeyt

The Room is a collection of 300 decontextualized images of plants or room views taken from books found on flea markets. The book is not a reproduction of an existing collection but the result of a research project by Jurgen Maelfeyt. The Room focusses on product photography and coloring in the history of book production. Published [...] Sigue leyendo

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13th May 2013

The Original Patterns

The Whitechapel Gallery in London exhibits Karl Bossfeldt's plant portraits

Aristolochia spec. Birthwort. Shoots of Tendrils. N.D.

Despite being recognised today as one of the pioneers of photography, Karl Blossfeldt (1865-1932) never considered himself as a photographer. As a sculptor and modeller, working in the arts and crafts German tradition, he used flowers and plants as inspiration for his works. It was in the late 1890’s when Blossfeldt started to photograph wild [...] Sigue leyendo

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29th April 2013

The Prickly Pear

Noni Bonilla Gutierrez shows us how to prepare nopales in the Mexican state of Oaxaca

This is Noni at her stall "10 years ago" she said "I was a beauty!"

This is Noni Bonilla-Gutiérrez. THE PLANT met her at Mercado Juarez in Porto Escondito, Mexico where she has had her pitch on the north-eastern corner of the market for the last 40 years. We asked if she would show us how to prepare nopales and she obliged without a second thought, for a small ‘mordida’ [...] Sigue leyendo

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10th April 2013

Brutto Gusto

A place where plants receive sculpture to achieve their perfect form

An Obake Anthurium plant. In Japanese, the word obake means “a thing that changes”

When Geer Pouls founded Brutto Gusto as an art gallery and studio in the 1970s he started the flowershop as a ‘joke’, thinking it would last six months. Over four decades later THE PLANT  stands in Pouls’ gallery surrounded in living colour, a setting where ‘flowerpieces’ coexist with man made objects, as natural works of [...] Sigue leyendo

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16th March 2013

The Plant #04 – Marantha

Join us in Berlin at Do You Read Me?!

Plant Life by Wolfgang Tillmans

Join THE PLANT to celebrate the launch of issue # 4 at Do You Read Me?!, Berlin on Saturday 23rd of March. We are very excited to present the magazine together with an exhibition showcasing new artwork by British artist Linder Sterling. It’s our pleasure to present contributions from artist Wolfgang Tillmans, a prose poem by Tilda Swindon, dedicated to [...] Sigue leyendo

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3rd March 2013

The Secret Life of Plants

Peter Tompkins and Christopher Bird: Can Plants Read Your Mind?

The Secret Life of Plants (1974)

In this imaginative, beautifully illustrated work the book’s authors explore the possibility that plants are emotional beings, capable of experiencing pain and fear like we do. Largely dismissed at the time of publication as pseudoscience the book’s theories are based on experiments by 18th century scientist and science fiction writer, Jagadish Chandra Bose and ex-CIA [...] Sigue leyendo

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20th February 2013

‘Adeline for Leaves’

Jodie Kharas interviews emerging filmmaker Jessica Sarah Rinland about her latest project

Adeline is passionate about plants.

From where did the concept for ‘Adeline’ germinate? My mother, having moved to the UK from Argentina in her 30s, has always felt displaced. She feels like a foreigner in the UK and Argentina has changed so much since the 1980s that she feels distant there too. Her garden is really where she feels most [...] Sigue leyendo

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17th December 2012

Glimpse of the Garden

Marie Menken: The everyday act as an act of art

Experimental film-maker Marie Menken.

Marie Menken was a pioneer of experimental film in the New York avant-garde scene; known as The Body by Andy Warhol and her peers she struck an imposing figure at a formidable six-foot-two inches tall. Her marriage to poet Willard Maas and their wicked arguments inspired playwright Edward Albee’s Who’s Afraid of Viriginia Woolf and her salon-home [...] Sigue leyendo

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20th September 2012

The Plant Issue 03

Join us tomorrow at 0fr. Paris !

Here we come again. The Plant Journal turns into The Plant and will be launching its new issue with a Grand Picnic on Saturday 22th of September at the terrace 0fr. Paris. Cécile Daladier and Nicolas Soulier from Assaï will bring cuttings and their ceramics, turning the event into a whole weekend full of plants [...] Sigue leyendo

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Cover story: Looking for agaves in Cap de Creus

The agave takes decades to flourish and once it does, dies

Agave by Coke Bartrina

Last summer we went to Cap de Creus with photographer Coke Bartrina. It’s a very peculiar natural reserve in the North of the Costa Brava, almost like a lunar desert between the Mediterranean and the Pyrenees. The sun, the sea, the rocks and the sparse vegetation carved by the Tramuntana wind makes this area a [...] Sigue leyendo

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